Additional Services

CRT is a full service restaurant consulting business.  CRT focuses on providing on site training services.  Those services include but not limited to:

  • On-site Alcohol ServSafe Certification Classes

  • Online ServSafe Certification Classes

  • Health Department Assistance (Pre-opening and Continuing)

  • Improving Sales Performance

  • Pre-opening and Continuing Cook and Server Training

  • Effective and Efficient Local Store Marketing

  • Profit and Loss Improvement

  • Unannounced Food Safety Audits

  • Unannounced Mystery Shops

  • Reducing Labor Cost

  • Reducing Food Cost

  • Professional Management Development Courses

  • Improving Customer Service

  • Restaurant Cleaning

  • Restaurant Pre-Purchase Assessment

  • Restaurant Closure Assistance

  • Operations Assessment

  • Food Safety Audits

  • Safety/Security Assessment

  • Weekly Labor Scheduling

  • Break-even Analysis

  • Competitive Pricing Comparisons

  • Weekly Budget Reports

CRT has partnered with Bridge 2 Opportunities to enhance the services available to you by providing industry leading expertise in the following areas:

Training and Development
System Design
Operations Improvement
Project Leadership
Resource Management