Health Department Assistance

Health Department Assistance                                                                  

If you have been temporarily closed down for food code violations or have failed an Health Inspection, we can help you by working with you, your Health Inspector and Health Department Director to resolve the issues.


Often the solutions include representing you in an official hearing at the health department, certifying additional managers in Food Protection courses, conducting "Food Safety 101" training for your staff or providing food safety audits that are used as training tools for you to assure compliance with the food code for the health department.


Included are customized Food Safety Action Plans designed to retrain and fill training gaps.  Server and kitchen maintenance can also be addressed.

We also specialize in providing cook and server training prior to opening a new location.  Included is a pre-health inspection to prepare your restaurant to receive the Certificate of Occupancy.  We are with you every step of the way.

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