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On/Off Site ServSafe Certification

This 8 hour course is designed to teach the food service manager all aspects of food safety and sanitation from purchasing food to serving the customer. 

Most importantly, the food service manager will learn how to avoid costly foodborne outbreaks. 

The class format includes lecture/discussion, videos, activities and games to enhance student learning, encourage student participation, and foster an understanding of the importance of serving safe food.

Each student is provided with a ServSafe® Study Guide and a packet of materials related to topics discussed in the course.

We offer online exams for food safety certification. Online results are available at the time of testing to provide immediate certification.
Please refer to the Online Booking tab to review class availability. You can also contact us for scheduling and off-site training and testing locations.

Food Safety Audits

The Food Safety Audit is an integral part of your quality assurance program. It's main purpose is to assure that you are in compliance with the most current regulations.

It serves to highlight areas in need of improvement that are often overlooked because of heavy workloads. Monthly or  bi-monthly unannounced Food Safety Audits can identify problems before a Health Department inspection or before  an outbreak can occur.

Each audit is followed up with a detailed report available with pictures and a discussion section which highlights overall strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement that would have the greatest impact on protecting your guests against foodborne illness.

The audits will give you the confidence to know you are serving safe food to your guest.

Health Department Assistance

Failing your Health Inspection can be a stressful time for you and your staff.  Failure could result in being temporarily closed and scores publicly posted.  The results of the score could mean a drop in business and a loss of reputation.   

Certified Restaurant Training can help by working with you and your Health Health Department to resolve the issues and get you back open. Often the solutions include representing you in an official hearing at the Health Department. 

The key to improving restaurant operation is through unannounced Food Safety Audits by CRT.  The Food Safety Audits are used as training tools for you and your team to assure compliance with the county food code.  Included are customized Food Safety Action Plans designed to retrain and fill training gaps.  

We also can provide manager ServSafe certification and Food Handlers certification for your cooks.

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